Salon Social Cocktail Week - EC Proof & JERRY presents A Genteel Tipple Through Gin in Literature (Hendrick's)


"I exercise strong self-control. I never drink anything stronger than gin before breakfast." — W.C. Fields

It's Cocktail Week and this year EC Proof is partnering with JERRY, the worlds leading hospitality educational platform, to bring a series of unique educational Salon Socials.

Tonight Charmaine Thio, Hendrick's Brand Ambassador SEA, presents A Genteel Tipple Through Gin in Literature. The greatest characters in literature tend to be great drinkers, and their favourite tipple? Gin. The history of literature is, in many ways, the history of alcohol—making stories up and mixing cocktails are analogous activities. Gin has fuelled many legendary writers, unforgettable characters and gripping plots. Come and enjoy some especially enlightening extracts and sample some specially mixed Hendrick’s cocktails.

The best part is that your ticket comes with a 60 day FREE JERRY Subscription! ($30 value) Log in and learn all about cocktail making, spirits and cocktail recipes. Access all the information you'd like to host the most elegant cocktail & dinner party, batch some large punch bowls for a fantastic bbq cookout, or just make some delicious cocktails over the weekend. And you still get $15 off a base spirit bottle purchase on the night!

A perfect way to kick off date night or an evening out with friends to expand your knowledge and palate. Enjoy a welcome drink, then embrace the rich world of spirits and learn to make a cocktail to impress your friends at home.

Make a night of it and let us help you make dinner reservations at 28 Hongkong Street or any of our neighbouring restaurants; Amo for casual Italian or FOC for Catalan cuisine.

**$15 of your ticket can be applied towards a base spirit purchase at the event**

Fri May 17, 2019
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM SGT
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